Small repairs such as fading , color correction, blemis removal only $4.95

Removal and or replacement of people, places, or things only $9.95

Larger repairs such as water damage, creases, torn edges, extreme fading $14.95

Torn, burned or otherized damaged photos $17.95

Collages just $24.95

Please remember the first restoration picture is FREE.

Our price guarantee, if you don't like DON'T PAY FOR IT!

Yes, you won't be charged for our restoration, repair or anything else we do until you are satisfied PERIOD.

How is this posible? We're from the old school, our hand is our bond.

We will send you your restored picture, via e-mail, or print (via U.S Mail) if you like it please pay us, if not, don't.

If your not happy than how can we be.

Try Us, I'm Sure You'll Like Us!