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There not much more we can say here. In general terms, most casual computer users would be better served by a Mac than a computer from one of the many providers of Windows based systems. In the many areas of personal creativity, there simply is no match. If you use a computer to surf the Internet, access your e-mail, and compose an occasional letter or other document, then you should consider an Apple computer.

The Apple Mac is not just a play toy of the rich & famous movie star type or Hollywood jet-setter. It is a practical, powerful and easy to use system that is less susceptible to the numerous problems that plague the normal/everyday Windows' user. With the continued drop in computer hardware prices worldwide over the last few years, the systems from Apple are now the best bang for your buck.

Apple Computer is widely accepted as the leader in providing users with the most up-to-date and technologically advanced computer hardware, software, and peripherals. Over the years, Apple has been the leader on such innovations as multimedia CD-Rom, USB, and Firewire, not to mention the iPod MP3 music player.

MudJaw Systems can assist you in the specification and purchase of an Apple computer system by tailoring your needs to a Mac system that is right for you. If you are planning on using a computer to support your work in the areas of music, art, film, video, and/or professional photography, there is only one choice of computer for you: Apple.

Furthermore, we can help you after your purchase of a Mac PC by providing additional technical support, training, and setup. We'll also help you convert your old files, pictures, and electronic keepsakes into a format that is easily accessed and edited by your new Apple PC. For musicians and other music aficionados, MudJaw systems can setup your MIDI musical instruments and help you get the best out of your iPod, iTunes, and GarageBand software.

Don't take our word for it - explore the Apple advantage at the following sites:

Why you'll love a Mac

The main Apple web site

An interesting side-note

Do you have thousands of dollars worth of music albums and/or cassettes that you'd like to burn to CD-Rom or convert to MP3 format? The Apple Mac comes with a great program called GarageBand that can assist you in this tricky endeavor.

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