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Imagine a computer workstation (or laptop) that can run almost every software program or application on the market today, regardless of whether it is Apple Mac or Windows based. By combining a virtualization software program (such as Parallels or Boot Camp) on an Intel-based Apple computer, with Windows 2000, XP, or whatever - you'll have your hands on the one of the most powerful and versatile single machines in existence. Depending on options, this can be accomplished for little more than $1250. Let Mudjaw Systems build you a custom ultimate computer today.

Dual Computer Systems & Workstations

Generally, dual computer systems come in two basic varieties:

For obvious reasons, the second option explained above (virtualization) is the more costly choice. Yet, it is the easiest to use and may be the most comfortable choice for users with limited exposure to the concept of dual computer systems.

Why would I want a computer with two different operating systems ?

Dual computer systems give a user the best of both worlds. You get to keep the familiarity of Windows and your various programs that you've used over the years, yet you also have a powerful new option that will let you complete your computer, business, or Internet tasks more efficiently, with less susceptibility and vulnerability to the multitude of computer viruses, hackers, crackers, and other evil and/or disruptive elements that are so common in today's world of Internet connected computers.

Both options described above allow you to easily share files and folders between the two different operating system, access Internet and e-mail, while opening you up to hundreds of new computer utilities, programs, and functions that you would otherwise not be able to access from a PC that simply runs only one operating system.

Apple Mac OS 10 Free BSD Unix Sun Solaris
Red Hat Linux E3 Slackware Linux Red Hat Linux 9.0
Windows XP Windows 2000 Windows 98

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