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MudJaw Systems can be your one-stop solution for implementing a business Internet plan. After putting together the pages and content of your web site, we will find a hosting solution for you that fits within the amount you have budgeted. In general terms, we can find you a monthly web site hosting solution that is as low as five dollars a month. If you plan to have your own Internet/domain name (almost all businesses do), you'll need to incorporate a yearly charge of about $30.00 per. All told, for the price of a fast-food meal ($7.00 to $8.00), you can have your business on the Internet / World Wide Web (this example price refers to a typical monthly charge). Once you're on the Web, the amount of potential customers and clients is limitless.

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If you already have a web site developed or in use, and are looking for better quality or a lower monthly/yearly charges, we can assist you with this endeavor as well.

MudJaw Systems can also help in situations where a more complex business Internet plan is required. Typically, these fall into the following categories:

Obviously, the solutions listed above can vary in price widely. Total monthly charges can incorporate many different factors. Yet, for small scale hosted solutions, web hosting can sometimes be found or developed free of charge (or incorporated inside the charges you may already pay for high-speed Internet access).

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