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Linux Computer Systems

and Free BSD Unix Systems

MudJaw Systems can provide you with a complete Linux computer based system or solution. Because Linux will run on low cost or older computer hardware, significant cost savings can be immediately realized. Small to medium sized businesses can benefit from Linux for file server applications, information system applications (intranet information servers), and a wide variety of other applications such as e-mail, FTP, and proxy services.

MudJaw Systems utilizes many different Linux or Unix based operating systems depending on customer hardware, software, and other preferences. The most popular flavors include: Red Hat Linux, Slackware Linux, and FreeBSD.

Linux Ideas and Examples

Intranet Web Services - Wouldn't it be convenient for your company or small business to have all records and other important information at your fingertips - a few mouse clicks away? It is possible and reasonably cost effective to archive almost all types of business documentation onto reliable Linux servers. From here, your records can be accessed at will, with minimal formal computer knowledge, it's as simple as surfing the web - with all links clearly displayed, identified, and instantly downloaded. Linux is the clear choice for internal business network intranet service applications.

Safe and Secure Home Computers - Sick and tired of being hacked or bombarded by plagues of computer viruses, bugs, and other malicious exploits? Linux and Free Unix are more secure and dependable than computers running the most popular operating system (Windows). You can surf the Internet and send/receive e-mail without the fear of being manipulated or having your personal information compromised. Also, there are many free or very reasonable office productivity software programs and systems that rival anything from Mr.Softie. These allow you to save and share your personal & business documents between many different types of systems.

Home File Servers - Don't throw your old Pentium based computer away - the one that you bought several years ago from your favorite electronics store. Let us install and configure Linux on this machine for you. In most cases, this will provide you with several years of reliable and dependable electronic file storage for such things as: important pictures, text documents, scanned records, and cherished office productivity files.

Linux / Unix Highlights

Linux & Unix Internet Links

Red Hat Linux - Official Site
Slackware Linux Project
The FreeBSD Unix Project

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