Linux Computer Systems

and Free BSD Unix Systems

MudJaw Systems can provide you with a complete Linux computer based system or solution. Because Linux will run on low cost or older computer hardware, significant cost savings can be immediately realized. Small to medium sized businesses can benefit from Linux for file server applications, information system applications (intranet information servers), and a wide variety of other applications such as e-mail, FTP, and proxy services.

MudJaw Systems utilizes many different Linux or Unix based operating systems depending on customer hardware, software, and other preferences. The most popular flavors include: Red Hat Linux, Slackware Linux, and FreeBSD.

Linux Ideas and Examples

Intranet Web Services - Wouldn't it be convenient for your company or small business to have all records and other important information at your fingertips - a few mouse clicks away? It is possible and reasonably cost effective to archive almost all types of business documentation onto reliable Linux servers. From here, your records can be accessed at will, with minimal formal computer knowledge, it's as simple as surfing the web - with all links clearly displayed, identified, and instantly downloaded. Linux is the clear choice for internal business network intranet service applications.

Safe and Secure Home Computers - Sick and tired of being hacked or bombarded by plagues of computer viruses, bugs, and other malicious exploits? Linux and Free Unix are more secure and dependable than computers running the most popular operating system (Windows). You can surf the Internet and send/receive e-mail without the fear of being manipulated or having your personal information compromised. Also, there are many free or very reasonable office productivity software programs and systems that rival anything from Mr.Softie. These allow you to save and share your personal & business documents between many different types of systems.

Home File Servers - Don't throw your old Pentium based computer away - the one that you bought several years ago from your favorite electronics store. Let us install and configure Linux on this machine for you. In most cases, this will provide you with several years of reliable and dependable electronic file storage for such things as: important pictures, text documents, scanned records, and cherished office productivity files.

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Apple Computers & alternatives to Microsoft

There not much more we can say here. In general terms, most casual computer users would be better served by a Mac than a computer from one of the many providers of Windows based systems. In the many areas of personal creativity, there simply is no match. If you use a computer to surf the Internet, access your e-mail, and compose an occasional letter or other document, then you should consider an Apple computer.

Apple Computer is widely accepted as the leader in providing users with the most up-to-date and technologically advanced computer hardware, software, and peripherals. Over the years, Apple has been the leader on such innovations as multimedia CD-Rom, USB, and Firewire, not to mention the iPod MP3 music player.

MudJaw Systems can assist you in the specification and purchase of an Apple computer system by tailoring your needs to a Mac system that is right for you. If you are planning on using a computer to support your work in the areas of music, art, film, video, and/or professional photography, there is only one choice of computer for you: Apple.

Furthermore, we can help you after your purchase of a Mac PC by providing additional technical support, training, and setup. We'll also help you convert your old files, pictures, and electronic keepsakes into a format that is easily accessed and edited by your new Apple PC. For musicians and other music aficionados, MudJaw systems can setup your MIDI musical instruments and help you get the best out of your iPod, iTunes, and GarageBand software.

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Dual Computer Systems & Workstations

Dual computer systems give a user the best of both worlds. You get to keep the familiarity of Windows and your various programs that you've used over the years, yet you also have a powerful new option that will let you complete your computer, business, or Internet tasks more efficiently, with less susceptibility and vulnerability to the multitude of computer viruses, hackers, crackers, and other evil and/or disruptive elements that are so common in today's world of Internet connected computers.

Both options described above allow you to easily share files and folders between the two different operating system, access Internet and e-mail, while opening you up to hundreds of new computer utilities, programs, and functions that you would otherwise not be able to access from a PC that simply runs only one operating system.

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Training, Tutoring, Consulting, and Research

We have a staff with over twenty-five years of experience in various fields of the computer, network, electronic, and graphics technology industries. From brief one-on-one training sessions to full fledged consulting services, MudJaw Systems may be the choice for keeping yourself and business staff fully functional in today's fast-paced and ever-changing world.

In brief, our training, tutoring, and consulting ideas include:

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Web Site Design & Construction

MudJaw Systems can take your ideas, business plan, or existing web site and provide a custom tailored solution to fit your needs. We have a multitude of experience with the most popular and functional web programming languages. FROM simple HTML pages used to supplement your business TO full fledged e-commerce web sites that offer online product catalogs, secure shopping cart services, and more.

A web site is a key tool when you do not have the extra time to sit down and explain your business or idea to a potential customer OR play endless games of phone tag, when trying to establish initial communications. A well-crafted web site can accomplish this for you with minimal time and expenditure invested. Potential customers can be referred to your web site. Here they can sift through all of the information and details about your business or enterprise that you wish to share. They will become better informed about you and your business. Ultimately, this will allow them fully develop expectations and help both parties involved maximize in-person discussions.

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Web Site Implementation and Infrastructure

Getting your business on the Web

MudJaw Systems can be your one-stop solution for implementing a business Internet plan. After putting together the pages and content of your web site, we will find a hosting solution for you that fits within the amount you have budgeted. In general terms, we can find you a monthly web site hosting solution that is as low as five dollars a month. If you plan to have your own Internet/domain name (almost all businesses do), you'll need to incorporate a yearly charge of about $30.00 per. All told, for the price of a fast-food meal ($7.00 to $8.00), you can have your business on the Internet / World Wide Web (this example price refers to a typical monthly charge). Once you're on the Web, the amount of potential customers and clients is limitless.

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Computer Networking and Data Communications

MudJaw Systems can design, build, install, and configure your business computer network from the ground up. When you're ready to connect your business to the outside world, to access the Internet or communicate with other business entities, will be there to assist as well. We specialize in many aspects of this continuously changing area of business enterprise. Whether you are adding to an existing network or planning a new one, MudJaw Systems has many years of successful experience in dealing with small-to-medium business networks and data communication avenues.

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Computer Network Analysis

MudJaw Systems utilizes specific network analysis tools, like the Ethereal Network Protocol Analyzer, to perform data captures from your network. These data captures can be scrutinized, bit by bit, to trace down computer network problems, network intrusions, un-authorized web browsing by employees, and many other data communication issues. The staff at MudJaw Systems has over ten years of experience in the analysis, troubleshooting, and corrective action techniques related to Ethernet (TCP/IP) computer networks. We can provide on-site service at reasonable rates.

MudJaw Systems can also load, configure, and train your staff in the use of this powerful analysis tool. Typically, Ethereal can be successfully installed on an older Pentium II class or better computer and then placed at a strategic place on your network. Ethereal runs best on the Linux or FreeBSD Unix operating systems.

Our network analysis work is not limited to just computer networks. We also can analyze other types of TCP/IP or other Ethernet based networks that utilize a combination of devices such as: computers, servers, switches, bridges, controllers, PLCs, printers, handheld devices, wireless devices, IP phones, network cameras, etc...

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Specialty Computers, Servers, and Applications

At times, when the typical solution from the likes of Dell, HP, or Best Buy will not suffice, MudJaw Systems can design, purchase, install, and/or configure a system that matches your needs. The wide world of computer and network technology has literally thousands of solutions for the individual needs of computer users. And though big box stores and the like can sell you the items to help solve a unique or complex computer situation, they often cannot provide you with the one-on-one support needed to fully implement your desired outcome.

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Computer Based Camera Systems

These types of monitoring and surveillance systems, also known as IP network camera systems, offer a wide range of options that older CCTV camera systems do not match. Camera images can be archived for easy access, images can be customized and/or filter for optimal effect, and the cameras in a typical system can be accessed by any other computer or handheld device connected to the system.

IP network camera systems are web based, in terms of their functionality. The individual cameras are accessed by the standard web browser software (MS Internet Explorer, Mozilla/FireFox, Apple - Safari). These systems are much easier to install, often require much less cabling, and can be retrofitted to work wirelessly. The cameras themselves come in many varieties and configurations. They can be purchased for top-of-the-line quality of picture, or in mass quantities to cover wide areas or complex monitoring situations.

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Computer Programming

The staff at MudJaw Systems has a multitude of computer programming experience in the many languages and platforms.

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Temporary Computer Systems, Servers, Workstations, and Applications

Rentals and short-term leasing

Are you in town or on a short-term project? Do you need a computer, server or other and do not see the need to purchase a full-blown system at high cost? MudJaw Systems may be able to help. We can provide a tailor-made system at reasonable cost for short duration (obviously, some limitations do apply).

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