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Computer Based Camera Systems

These types of monitoring and surveillance systems, also known as IP network camera systems, offer a wide range of options that older CCTV camera systems do not match. Camera images can be archived for easy access, images can be customized and/or filter for optimal effect, and the cameras in a typical system can be accessed by any other computer or handheld device connected to the system.

IP network camera systems are web based, in terms of their functionality. The individual cameras are accessed by the standard web browser software (MS Internet Explorer, Mozilla/FireFox, Apple - Safari). These systems are much easier to install, often require much less cabling, and can be retrofitted to work wirelessly. The cameras themselves come in many varieties and configurations. They can be purchased for top-of-the-line quality of picture, or in mass quantities to cover wide areas or complex monitoring situations.

The typical computer based camera monitoring system includes:

Additional options may include:

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