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Computer Network Analysis

MudJaw Systems utilizes specific network analysis tools, like the Ethereal Network Protocol Analyzer, to perform data captures from your network. These data captures can be scrutinized, bit by bit, to trace down computer network problems, network intrusions, un-authorized web browsing by employees, and many other data communication issues. The staff at MudJaw Systems has over ten years of experience in the analysis, troubleshooting, and corrective action techniques related to Ethernet (TCP/IP) computer networks. We can provide on-site service at reasonable rates.

MudJaw Systems can also load, configure, and train your staff in the use of this powerful analysis tool. Typically, Ethereal can be successfully installed on an older Pentium II class or better computer and then placed at a strategic place on your network. Ethereal runs best on the Linux or FreeBSD Unix operating systems. See Linux Computer Systems for more information on these platforms.

Ethereal in Action

Please note:

Our network analysis work is not limited to just computer networks. We also can analyze other types of TCP/IP or other Ethernet based networks that utilize a combination of devices such as: computers, servers, switches, bridges, controllers, PLCs, printers, handheld devices, wireless devices, IP phones, network cameras, etc... We can pinpoint devices and conversations between device nodes. Below is a listing of IPv4 (typical) conversations on an industrial plant network.


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