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The song Babylon is a fine example of the songwriter's penchant for compiling sets of lyrics that have multi-faceted meanings. Listeners can interpret the gentle flowing words in a number of ways. From a classic dirge about the Iraq War, the Middle East, and Saddam Hussien to a Dylan-esque tribute to the writers experience in Los Angeles - the words and music leave both the casual and detailed listener the ability to formulate a unique vision within their mind. Other shapes and angles include a sermonic lament from an Appalachian preacher to the semi-coherent ramblings of a self-absorbed megalo-maniac. The passionate accompaniment music only enhances the other worldliness of this offering. The plethora of instruments, rhythms, and accents provide a deep pillow of entanglements yet softly cushion the music enthusiast in a world of their own making.

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