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The song "Born Deranged" is an acoustic-electric dirge about the extreme and erratic violent tendencies that characterize our current day American society. Poetically, it finds its basis in assassination and the mongrellization of the hordes of human migrations to the new world over the last few centuries. The verses conclude with a first person narrative of the mental anguish inherent with random death & daily mass killings. The admittedly somewhat sophomoric lyrics neither condone nor condemn this human behavior, they merely provide a reflective look at the macro effects from a manic depressive frame of mind.

Musically, "Born Deranged" is underlined by acoustic guitar rock and accented with a haunting slide guitar, gentle / flowing bass, soft electric piano, and distinctive drums & percussion. For a tempered accent, the South Erie Rockers include Americana instruments, such as the mandolin and bouzouki. The song's crescendo is an eerie blues harp & slide guitar duet finale.

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